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Address: 199034, Saint Petersburg, 3, Mendeleyevskaya line
Phone: +7(812)325-32-20 (многоканальный)
Fax: +7(812)328-23-61
e-mail:: iagmail@ott.ru
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Scientific and research work of the Institute includes the following main directions:

  1. Ecology and Female Reproductive System
    • Medico-ecological mapping according to the indices of reproductive function of the woman and chrono-biological aspects of reproduction regulation.
    • The Problem Commission «Ecology and Reproductive Health of the Woman» under the aegis of the Scientific Council on obstetrics and gynecology of the RAMS is based at the Institute.
    • In 2002 for the Program of the woman?s health care under the influence of environmental and industrial deleterious factors Director of the Institute Academician  E. K. Ailamazyan, Professor  V. V. Potin, Professor  N. G. Kosheleva were awarded a Prize of the RF Government.
  2. Perinatology
    • Pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment, prophylaxis and prognosis for perinatal pathology under chronic placental insufficiency.
    • Study of the influence of the thyroid gland pathology and different types of maternal diabetes mellitus on the course of pregnancy, fetal growth and the state of the newborn.
  3. Peculiarities of the Course of Pregnancy, Labor and Postnatal Period in the Presence of Obstetrical or Extra-Genital Pathology
    • Pathogenesis of disorders and development of methods for correction of the uterine contractile activity.
    • Study of pathogenesis and development of methods for immunologic correction of various forms of obstetric pathology in the presence of reproduction-influencing infections and immunе deficiency states.
    • Investigation of the role of infectious, immunological and hormonal factors in the pathogenesis of miscarriage.
    • Study of the role of endothelial system in pathogenesis of gestosis.
    • Studying pathogenesis and developing methods for the treatment and prevention of puerperal disorders in women with extra-genital pathology.
    • Improving etiological diagnosis of genital and perinatal infections: making standards and algorhythms.
  4. Fertility Regulation
    • Study of pathogenesis and development of methods to treat the ovarian insufficiency resulted from the gonads autoimmune lesion and regulatory disorders.
    • Experimental and clinical-laboratory investigation of pharmacological efficacy and mechanism of action of gestagenic and estrogen-gestagenic agents.
    • Study of pathogenesis and development of surgical and medicamental methods of correcting hyper-plastic processes in the reproductive system organs.
    • Molecular basics of predisposition to multiple-factor diseases that disturb human reproductive function.